Sunday, March 25, 2012

barely a post

SO... a friend posted this video on FB a while back and I reposted immediately, prompting some interesting discussion about finite resources and pessimism etc. For my part, I felt strongly that this video said in 30mins what I have been trying on this blog to say for almost 3 years. so ... enjoy!


  1. Enjoyed that. (my id still isn't showing up as my name... I have no clue..)

    It's seems though there is a clash between quality of life and what the vid aims to address. You, we, are admiring the vid and its message but most who do still support what the energy and system pays for (as previous post):
    - Healthcare
    - Welfare (our dole)
    - Education
    - Pensions
    - State employment
    - Gov. Programs
    - Infrastructure
    - Food growing and delivery
    - etc.

    So, isn't voting for social democrats (your NDP, our Labour et al) contradicting ourselves?

  2. I've read dozens of your posts going back to 2009. These last few posts and the comments really got me thinking.

    Yeah, I'd like to know what you think too.